Heather Jach is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) with over fifteen years working as a successful development professional. She received her BA and Master's of Publuic Administration from Western Michigan University.

Heather Jachs,is an accomplishded fundraising and markeing professional with demonstrasted s
uccess in both nonprofit and private sectors.

Heather Jachs, functional experience includes program development and design; persuasive writing; budget management; strategic planning; major, planned and annual program management; gift solicitation and stewardship; building and retaining exceptional staff and creating excellent work environments; volunteer management; corporation and foundation relations; campaign, event, and grant management.
has written private foundation, federal, state, and corporate grant proposals supporting human service programs; including intimate partner violence, early childhood education, senior services and neighborhood revitalization efforts. She's worked very closey with our CEO on some of the new Detroit initatives. Heather is available for contracted services.


Melissa Burke, is a writer born from a fifteen year sales career with Fortune 500 companies. Throughout my sales career, she thrived on opportunities to employ persuasive writing techniques, developing a number of successful marketing campaigns adopted by employers.

In 2008, she made her break from the corporate world to pursue writing. Upon discovering an almost unhealthy zeal for research, it became obvious that merging persuasive writing and research was her career destination. A one year persuasive writing course led her to discover grant writing and God provided the opportunity.

Melissa has known our CEO while they both worked in corporate America for fortun 500 companies. Melissa says, she is truly blessed to do what she loves while contributing to great non-profit missions.

Grant proposals go far beyond filling in the blanks. A winning grant proposal skillfully tells a compelling story that conveys the passion of your mission. The carefully selected audience shares in your philanthropic focus, has the means to fulfill the request and becomes so invested in the story that they are moved to action. 

Today's economy is causing foundations and corporations to be much more selective in their grant funding. Now, more than ever, non-profit organizations need a dedicated grant writer with talent and passion. My company name tells my story....I am Writing to Win!



Excel in excellence and exceed your own expectations.  
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You will also be able to engage with a legal expert. 

We provide services in all areas of Funding Development and Grant Writing, focusing the majority of our efforts on working with entrepreneurs for profit businesses, minority owned businesses especially women, Churches and other Christian organizations. SCS Consultants has provided consultation for program development, grant proposal writing, nonprofit formation, development, training, and fundraising. 
SCS Consultants Inc. is more of an inter-generational strategic consulting and professional writing services firm. We are diverse in culture, skills and talents. We focus on communications and opportunity development for clients. We specialize in delivering exceptional grants and a variety of professional writing services.

Our goal is to enable clients especially minorities like me and women to get head and stay ahead. We teach you  how to be about your business with free dollars, also known as grant monies. We inspire, encourage and empower all workshop participants to look deeper within and think and ACT outside the little box.
Dr. Sabrina Jackson

Dr. Sabrina Jackson has acquired the most sucessful grant writer title witin our network, acquiring millions of dollars for corporations, governemental entities and local organizations.

Dr. Sabrina Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Sanders Educational Development Corporation.  She is best known as "The People Expert"! She is the founder of Sabrina Jackson Enterprises Inc., a professional consultation firm internationally recognized for its powerful success in personal and professional development training.

‘Essential Colors’ is a model that specializes in the use of four color sections categorizing four key areas of life. They include: ‘faith based,’ ‘business,’ ‘education’ and ‘relationships.’

According to creator/founder/ CEO Dr. Sabrina Jackson: “Essential Colors was created to fill a void in organizational training and culture. The model uses four specific colors and styles, including:
1) blue – ‘We Feel Blue,’
2) Green — ‘We Think Green,’
3) Orange – ‘We Think Orange’ and
4) Gold – ‘We Know Gold.’

Use Essential Colors, take it to work, church and live your life better in color by applying Essential Color.”

From 2008-2012 Sabrina delivered faith based non-profit grant writing to the Church of God In Christ and other non-profit and faith based organizations.

Dr. Jackson is a professional Grant Writer and delivers the absoulte best in faciliating trainings and workshops. 
As a proven coach and speaker, Sabrina Jackson has over 25 years of international training experience.

Her personable approach speaks to the heart of organizational obstacles, providing a safe space for individual insight and concise action steps for measurable improvement.

Sabrina has successfully conducted repeated training sessions for corporations such as McDonald's, Corporation, Sam's Club, the International Church of God in Christ- Japan Jurisdiction, International Software Conference, and Allstate Corporation.

Dr. Sarbina Jackson Specialities:
Keynote Addresses, True Colors & Myers-Briggs Trainings, Business Coaching /Consulting, Grant Writing training, Innovative Training/ Speaking designs.

Dr. Jackson can be heard nightly on her late night talk show, Sizzling Talk with Dr. Sabrina Jackson Monday-Friday from 1:00am-3:00am on AM 910 The Superstation, owned by Kevin Ardell of the WORD CABLE NETWORK.

Her previous radio show, “Essentially Sabrina”, received international listenership discussing topics including relationships, high risk behavior, workplace culture, faith based initiatives, educational development, and entrepreneurship. Sabrina’s radio show was produced by Angel Advertising owned by Nina Calahan-James, CEO of SCS Consultants.

Dr. Sabrina Jackson and Nina Calahan-James have a long standing friendship and business partnerships.

Dr. Jackson is the author of the Essentially Grants Resource Book and together with Evanglist Doctor Denice Porchia, our Cheif Legal Advisor and our CEO, Nina Calahan-James, they created, developed and published the Bright Ideas Grant Writing Workbook.


Kenneth Reed

Mr. Kenneth Reed is the Executive Advisor and Cheif Editor for SCS Consultants. He is one of our most requested grant writers. He's an ordained minister, retired attorney, founder and CEO of Winsol Renewable Energy Technologies. His company specializes in wind and solar power. 
The executive team of WINSOL RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES is comprised of a group of business owners and administrators dedicated to transform lives, develop innovative renewable energy solutions, and facilitate the transition to a clean energy economy; utilizing renewable energy technologies to generate clean electricity.  
The core team consists of professional advisors and strategic partners, including solar energy equipment suppliers, installers, electricians and maintenance technicians; design engineers and technicians with decades of expertise in composites manufacturing; wind turbine blade production, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing experience gained while working for companies such as GE, Gamesa, Acciona, Vestas and Repower. 
As a graduate of Michigan State University and Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Elder Reed contributes to New Resurrection Business Development & Resource Center extensive legal, business, and teaching skills, and a genuine commitment to serving others.
Elder and member of New Resurrection Faith Ministries Church
Vice President of the New Rescurrection Business Development & Resource Cener and the Editor in Cheif for the New Resurrection Business Development & Resource Team.

He is responsible to assist the President to develop and implement long-term and short-term policies, programs and projects sponsored by the New Resurrection Business Development & Resource Center. We are
 honored to have Elder Kenneth Reed on the facilitating team.

Elder Reed is exceptionally highly skilled in teaching and delivering complex and technical written information in the most simplified form. His delivery is extraordinaire! 


It's not about who we are and meeting us putitng the name with the face but for me is more for you, our clients, our particpants to gain insigt to SWOT analysis and goal setting.  We want each of you to receive one-on- one asistance with completing your submissions rather you hire SCS Consultants or not.  

Do you have a  Business Plan?
The primary value of your business plan will be to create a written outline that evaluates all aspects of the economic viability of the participant’s business venture including a description and analysis of your business prospects. We believe that preparing and maintaining a business plan is the perfect presentational analysis for any business regardless of its size or nature.  

We are going to ensure you have a clear understanding of the business plan itself. If you maintain a correct assessment of the changing economics of your particular business, your plan will provide a useful roadmap as well as a financing tool. 

The business plan is the key ingredient for a successful business. It is a vital requirement for a favorable outcome for every participant. We will show you how to create an individualized business plan, and provides the tools to make it easy. What to avoid in your business plan? Business Plan Format
  • Eight Steps to a Great Business Plan
    • Set time aside to prepare
    • Focus and refine concept
    • Gather data
    • Outline the specifics of your business
    • Include experience
    • Put your plan into a compelling form
    • Enhance with graphics
    • Share draft with trusted advisers
  • Does Your Plan Include the Following Necessary Factors?
    • A sound business concept
    • Understanding your market
    • Healthy, growing and stable industry
    • Capable management
    • Able financial control
    • Consistent business focus
    • Mindset to anticipate change
    • Plans for online business
  • Formulate (and Reformulate) Your Business Plan
  • Top Ten Do's and Don'ts
I'm excited to be here and offer my expertise. We have 3 hours to introduce the basics and answer your questions in our intense GET FUNDED FROM THE MOTOR CITY & GRANT WRITING WORKSHOP. 

 I hold multiple master’s degrees in computer information systems management, education instruction technology, mathematics and finance and marketing. I am one that is diveresly skilled and multi-talented to the team. I am committed to teach you how to excel with technology in your businesses.

When I first started, I was viewed as a nimwick, I’did not knew nothing about a balance sheet, I just wanted to keep all my money and spend it when I got it.  I didn’t have a business plan and surely didn’t have any grants!  I didn’t understand the effectiveness of a business plan and I could not understand why my vision of my personal success was not enough to ensure success.  

My gender and skin color had no baring on the fact, I wasn’t versed even in the daily operations and fundamentals of running and managing a successful business.  For me, I wasted valuable time learning the do nots of entrepreneurship than the absolute dos.  
Before determining what your vision statement is going to be, you need to understand what it is not. It should not be confused with a mission statement.
Those statements are in the “right now” present-based and designed to convey a sense of why your company exists in the first place. Where as Vision statements are future-based and are meant to inspire and give direction to your employees and yourself rather than to customers. A mission statement answers the question, "Why does my business exist?"
We can all agree the most important part of running a business is to make money to grow your business and bring in revenue that sustains your particular business. Document everything money matters, basically keep financial records and incorporate an accounting system for all costs, assets, and transactions.

You must have a product that sells, I’m here to speak candidly. We must be sure to have credible products and services in our businesses because having a credible product or service is good and all, but if you don’t have an effective marketing strategy to make your company and products visible having visibility to the your target audience; your new business will suffer. Without market presence and no visibility, you have no revenue, no revenue means no stability, no stability means no growth. 


Jeffery Lewis,
 is a Civic Capacity Program and Funding Manager for the Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office. In this role, he coordinates events, and implements methods of communication for feedback from stakeholders. Jeffrey has extensive experience working in community engagement in Detroit.

Jeffery presents unbelivable funding information for the dillengent seeker that wants every single dollar they can receive. SCS is honored to have Jeffery on our team. He faciliates with Nina Calahan-James on Saturday.

Prior to joining DFC, Jeffrey worked as a parent organizer for the Detroit Parent Network where engaging with Detroit Public Schools students’ families to achieve academic and social success through support, resources, leadership development and training.

Prior to this position, he worked as a community organizer for AmeriCorps, where he led residents in forming block clubs that improved neighborhood guardianship and increased public safety in an effort to decrease victimization in the City of Detroit.

Jeffrey also worked as a teacher where he integrated technology to develop assessments that would improve student performance by providing classrooms with the resources needed to enable the hands-on use of computer equipment.

Jeffrey has a Masters of Urban Planning degree with a concentration in Housing and Community Development from Wayne State University. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University in Urban Studies.

Keiara Bell 
is the Founder and CEO of What About The Children Foundation (WATC).  Keiara is the Community Affairs Director for Wayne State University Student Senate and she's a Public Relations Specialist and the Student Ambassador for International Scholars at Wayne State University.
Keiara is a member of St. Peters Holiness Church of Jesus Christ Emma F Smith Memorial. Videos of Keiara: You've Come A Long Way Baby by Charlie LeDu 

This person works two jobs sometimes three.  She's the Director of Development for the New Resurrection Business Development & Resource Center, located in Detroit Michigan. Her responsibilities are to oversee and manage a uniquely talented team, research foundations, corporations, develop and execute various initiatives and strategies.  

Prior to establishing SCS Consultants Inc., she was employed with fortune 500 corporations. For over 15 years she has served in a variety of diverse leadership roles.

She worked for one of the richest men to run for president of the United States of America.  She asked us not to print her name too much, but she worked for former presidential candidate, Ross Perot, as one of his Corporate Recruiters and Recruiting Analysis. Forbes magazine reports Ross Perot net wort 4.6 billion to current president, Donald Trump worth of 3.7 billion.
This woman has been employed since before high-school in educational institutions, universities and corporations for enormous profits such as; The International University of Nursing in the West Indies, AT&T, Volkswagen of America, local non-profit organizations such as Matrix Human Services and Vista Marie home for girls.

Some people might say her last career job for a company she didn't own, was in 2012.  Nina Calahan-James was the Director of Recruitment Diversity, Training & Development for a popular newspaper.  After an amazing tenure with the newspaper, Nina was invited to join Web Runners w3r Consulting.
w3r Consulting is an IT staffing and consulting firm owned by two minorities of different cultures. Eric Hardy is African American and Patrick Tomina, is Chaeldean. Eric and Patrick had visions of entrepreneurial success since their college days.  Last year, their IT consulting firm had about $57 million in revenues. These minority business owners, Eric Hardy and Patrick Tomina offered Nina a job with large monetary bonuses and incentives, in their Southfield based company. w3r, has become a national leader in technology consulting.

Successful local minority business owners, continue to wave the torch of entrepreneurship. It was these particular CEO relationships that caused Nina to look again, at entrepreneurship. We use the term “again”, because this is not her first, second nor third rodeo. Nina worked with The Barack Obama presidential campaign for change as a Recruiting Manager and freelance blogger.  

Having keen networking skills landed Nina a partnership at a radio broadcasting company, giving live motivational excerts on air , which lead to co-hosting a radio program as a self-made washington correspondent. Nina's tenacity, uninhibited nature and jounalistic reporting type of personality, lead her to earn certifications from the United States Senate Media Committee.

After receiving her offical invitation with seat #100 to the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, Nina Calahan-James became very familiar and fluent with the Stimulus package. It was through the Obama presidential election which stirred her into writing grants again for large companies, small organizations and becoming the Founder, CEO, Executive Producer and host of the Politics & Life Talk Radio Show and the Honor Student Showcase (The Honor Student Showcase is a radio segment created for high school honor students particating in the The Detroit Free Press High School Journalism program and students interested in journalism, law, civic service, government and politics).

Nina created developed and produced her radio program under the mentorship of Chris McCourtney, Station Manager at AM 1500 and AM1400, Salem Media Communication. Her inspiration merged with encouragement and collaboration from a few like-minded friends, Business and Life Coach Kim Bettie, who got her big break while working with Nina as a Commentator of Church & State Talk Show.


Nina Calahan-James mentored Kim Bettie to produce and launch her own inspirational radio show, The Kim Bettie Show on Faith Talk Radio in Detroit. The Kim Bettie Show, an inspirational self-improvement talk show. Kim Bettie is a Business Coach, Education Director and Fulfillment Manager for NeXT Level Practice in New York.

Next Level Practice is the leader in dental consulting, training, and coaching for over the last 20 years. They help dentist transorm the way they run and relate to their pratice. According to their website, they focus on implementation and results. 

The creative and motivating ladies Kim Bettie and Nina Calahan-James wrote grants together and bounced ideas off one another. While Nina mentored Kim, she in return empowered Nina. Kim created the name of the show and suggested, Nina own, create and run with it.

Kim Bettie is also a Digital Host of the DreamCast.  Kim Bettie is business /life coach for purpose-driven leaders who increase productivity and profitability while achieving work/life balance, team spirit and community service. Kim Bettie manages the NextLevel Practice content creation and video production for the Education Center.   

Bettye Taylor, a close friend and Career Coordinator for Detroit Public Schools, worked with Nina as a recruiting manager with the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign for Change. Bettye then became the Youth Coordinator for the Politics & Life Talk Show, youth radio programing. Together they created, developed and launched; The Honor Student Showcase.

In 2010 Nina Calahan-James moved her inspiring student driven radio program to Detroit’s only minority owned radio station, WGPR FM 107.5.  Nina Calahan-James has a good habbit of utilizing interdependent skills. Though this section is about her, these are some of the many naturally talented entrepurnors, team members, professionals and spirtual leaders, Nina gives credit such as her radio team.   

Reggie Reg Davis is a 30 year radio broadcast veteran. He worked in markets across the nation such as WQMG at Greensboro N.C., Tampa Florida at 95.7 The Beat/iHeartMedia and afternoon drive at KJLH. With his massive involvement with the community, Nina Calahan-James selected Reggie Reg Davis, for The Detroit Community Reporter on the Politics & Life Talk Show., Reggie has made a life of doing GOD’s work, helping others, in the city of Detroit.
He won three “Radio Personality of The Year” awards from various regional radio ranking groups and he was nominated for a national “Radio Personality of The Year” award in 2001 by Radio & Records (R&R). He won numerous Community Outreach and Community Advocate Awards over a 30-year span.
In 2015 Reggie Davis received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Detroit Entertainment Awards Group. Reggie was a Rosa Parks Scholar who was granted a full ride of undergrad studies at Wayne State University he is an Alma Mater from the great Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Reggie Reg Davis also mentored the honor students participating in Nina’s radio program. The Politics & Life Talk Show, Honor Student Showcase, proved to be successful as each of the honor students have graduated from college to date.
In 2016, Nina moved the Politics & Life Talk Radio Show to its current home, the Great Lakes Radio Network. Nina’s radio team included business partners and consultants. Nina Calahan-James recruited, Renewed Detroit News Reporter, Darren Nichols.

Darren Nichols, is an award-winning journalist. He has covered every mayoral administration in Detroit since Coleman A. Young.  Darren served from 2002- 2006 as the Detroit Chapter President of the National Association of Black Journalist.

In more than 20 years at the Detroit News, Darren Nichols chronicled the urban decay in the city that became the first municipality to file for backruptcy. Darren is currently enoying his service as a public speaker, handling media engagments bringing awareness to stroke and heart prevention. Darren suffered a massive stroke in September 2014 and his remarkable and inspring recovery includes dance. 

Darren Nichols is the Executive Media Consultant for the Politics & Life Talk Show. Nina also recruited and sought after, United States Marine Veteran and Political Consultant, Mr. Brian Love, CEO of The Love Group. The program streams live and can be heard twice a week in Detroit on AM 1440. Gospel Rejoice Detroit.
The deliberate and purposeful birth of SCS Consultants, was the creative vision of Nina’s spouse BW James, whom felt the natural talents of his wife were underpaid and wasted working for others when she could clearly work for herself.

BW James created the concept of the new business idea. Whereas, the radio program she created, is a non-profit business. It’s an informational service program on air. The focus point is to increase awareness, activate positive change by educateing youth and the community at large.


The reality and catalyst of the bright idea, where SCS Consultants conducts business in the city of Detroit, was ignited by successful entrepreneurs of the faith ministry; Superintendent, Pastor Winfred Matthews, of Missionary Temple Church of God and Christ, Bishop Mildred Bussell, of New Resurrection Faith Ministries, Prophetess Peggy Bussell, Mr. Kenneth Reed, CEO of Winsol Renewable Technologies, Dr. Sabrina Jackson, CEO of Sanders Educational Development Corporation, Mr. Randall Primm, CEO of Elektronic Solutions in Dallas Texas and the creative vision of Mr. BW James.
     Nina Calahan-James proudly serves as the Founder and CEO of SCS Consultants Inc. where her goal is to provide funding sources from a think tank prospective to individuals with a purposeful mission determined to change their lives and those around them.  

Nina studied at Langston University and Wayne State University where she fullfilled beyond the maxium credits allowed for multiple Bachlelor of Sceince degree programs. She clearly loves to learn and is very good at it.  Nina is a  receipent of the Women of Wayne Leadership Scholarship Award. She also earned writing awards based on her writing skills. 

    Nina is also the Founder and CEO of Domestic Intervention Violence Awareness Services and the  Executive Producer and Host of the Politics & Life Talk Show.

One of Nina's premises states:  
With the true unlimited amount of funding sources, there's absolutely no need to dive into debt, before you open your business doors!  Plain and simple. There is enough money floating, stacking and sitting around to start your business, maintain your business and grow your business! 

     The Rockefeller Foundation has given away over 17 billion dollars since its inception while maintaining the size of their endowment, which is an astonishing statistic that proves just how powerful MRI.  What is MRI you might ask? Mission Related Investing is one of many funding sources you can expect to explore and learn more by attending SCS Seminars and Workshops.

     For more information or to join our team, submit your inquiry through our contact us link.  You may contact us by phone at 248.750.6467.   We do spend countless hours writing and researching.  We will respond within 24-hours.

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