Our workshops are power packed with information.  
Our new workbook is designed to compliment each workshop session. Our insturctors present new funding information on a regular basis, which makes our workbook more valueable. 

Many students, take our sesssions several times because of the abundance of funding information. 
This is the very reason we provide a
monthly limited supply of Free Tickets.

Bring your tablet, labtop or pen.  We will supply you with a workbook. Be prepared to meet former recipients and learn about their challenges and triumphs.  In class, we will work with you to create and learn more about your mission statement, your vision, your elevator pitch, your budget,  your business plan, financial literacy, legal structures, building expansion for business growth, 501-C3 status, and funding!
 SCS Consultants will equip, prepare and practically, hold your hand to the launching station as you propel in excellence to the next level of business success.
We are intense.  We are through.  We are on a mission with you!

Click workshop tickets and grab a free one. Seating is limited for free tickets. Seating is also limited for faciliator - student ratio.  We limit our classes 15 -25 enrolled per session.

We will accomodate private and special large groups, business departments and faith based organizations up to 100 people.

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